WaterHouse is the evolution of a new fountain concept. The structure combines compact, easy to maintain and reliable solution into the finest customizable Italian design. WaterHouse is a versatile and suitable model to provide drinking water in different contexts. Despite its limited foot-print, in less than 2 square meters the WaterHouse can dispense thousands liters of cooled still and sparkling water per day.

For the family


Each Water House is able to deliver to their neighborhoods 1 million liters of carbonated and still water, saving 200 to 400 USD to each family per year.

For the Environment


The New Fountains help to promote the concept of “sustainable world”: a zero km water treatment that reduce the use of chemicals and plastic wastes to dispose.

For the public spaces


The Water House allows Municipality and public space managers to provide a better service to the citizens, ensuring savings and greater control over the quality of life.